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XTM Premium A99 XL Ergonomic Office Chair (4D Armrest) (Black, Grey, Red) (2 Years Warranty)

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  • Headrest: PA Material, Adjustable Function Up to 5CM Height. Rotate Function. Release the brain fatigue, Straighten the cervical spine
  • Backrest: S-Shape Design- fit the curve of spine, fully support the back, gives sitting and reclining more comfortable.
  • With PP material + PA Back Bracket + ABS Backing Paint. Back Tilt Angle is 105°.
  • Lumbar Support/ Waist Pillow: TPE Material. Front and Rear Stroke is 3cm. Lifting Stroke is 5CM. Fitting Structure is equipped with massage points to reduce fatigue of the waist and the back.
  • Back Net: Nylon Special Grade Net. with bright colors. No fading. Strong toughness and tensile strength. abrasion resistance. non-toxic. corrosion resistance. Chemical height temperature ultraviolet resistance. strong permeability. long service life.
  • Seat Frame: Made of high-quality PA material. hollow out design. stable support. effective support for hips.
  • Chassis: Self-developed. self weight three gear locking (PA with sliding plate chassis), thickened mechanical principle and multi-functional explosion-proof mechanism. Slide back and forth 5cm
  • Armrest: Use 4D lifting and rotating armrest, the armrest surface can be adjusted to different angles so that the armrest can reasonably support the arm. Loosen the arm and rotate and fold
  • Gas lift: 2.0mm thick air pressure bar, passing SGS standard test. advance 3-level Gas lift, 100-80 Lifting stroke.
  • chair Wheel: Φ 60 / 25mm / black, PA wheel, universal rotation, smooth, flexible and noiseless
  • Pedal Bracket: chrome plated 1.5mm thick 60 * 10mm square tube bracket pull rod can be pushed and pulled smoothly. The pedal frame is made of PA material and can withstand 40kg Weight
  • Footrest: r350mm radius PA eight claw five-star foot, passing 1300kg static pressure test.

  • Materials
    • Headrest/ Backrest: Nylon
    • Armrest: PA Armrest
    • Seat: Nylon Mesh
    • Gas lift: 3-stage Pneumatic Rod
    • Base: Aluminum Alloy: Nylon Feet
    • Wheels: Nylon Wheels
  • Key Features
    • Ergonomic Chair
    • Recline length: 125°
    • With Tilt-Lock Mechanism
    • Height: 116.5-126.5CM
    • Headrest: Adjustable/Rotate (Up to 5CM)
    • Armrest: 4D (Up/Down, Swivel Left/Right/, Adjust Left/Right, Front/Back)
    • Lumbar Support: 2D (Lifting range: 5cm, Front and Rear Stroke: 3cm) (Dynamic Lumbar Support)
    • Seat Slide: Slide back and forth up to 5CM
  • Weight Capacity: 200Kg
  • Recommended Height User: 160-200CM
  • Weight: 18.2Kg
  • Packing Size: 88*36*63CM
  • Warranty: 1 Year

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