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Ofix Premium ZW801 Ergonomic Adjustable Headrest/Lumbar Support High Back Mesh Chair Nylon Base (w/ Footrest) (Black)

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  • Backrest: Brand New PP Fiber Injection molded integrated rubber frame
  • Backmesh: High-quality double-layer mesh, with bright colors that do not fade, strnog toughness and tensile strength, wear-resistant, rot-resistant, chemical resistant, high-temperature and UV resistant, strong breathability
  • Lumbar Support: The Lumbar support adopts an embedded waist protection design, which is beautiful and comfortable, and the overall appearance looks atmospheric.
  • Seat Cushion: Sponge is used with a thickness of 50cm and 6cm, made of pure cotton.
  • Gaslift: Tested by SGS, advance level 100-60 black air rod, with a lifting stroke of 100MM
  • Foot rest: The foot rest has passed a static pressure test of 113.6Kg, with R340mm Nylon foot.
  • Wheels: Made of PA material, with smooth universal rotation, flexible and noise free


  • Ofix Korean ZW801 High Back Mesh Chair Nylon Base (w/ Footrest) (Black)
  • Dimension
    • Height: 115-125CM
    • Seat Height: 40-50CM
    • Width: 60CM
    • Depth: 50CM
    • Seat Depth: 43CM
    • Seat Width: 50CM
    • Base Diameter: 68CM
  • Materials
    • Headrest: PP Fiber Injection molded integrated rubber frame+Mesh
    • Backrest: PP Fiber Injection molded integrated rubber frame+Mesh
    • Seat Cushion: Sponge made of pure cotton
      • Thickness: 6CM
    • Gaslift: 3 Stage Pneumatic Rod
    • Base: Nylon Base
      • Diameter: 68CM
    • Wheels: Nylon
      • Size: 50MM
  • Features
    • Adjustable Lumbar Support
    • Adjustable Headrest
    • Ergonomic Chair
    • Recline Length: 160°
    • With Tilt-Lock Mechanism
  • Weight Capacity: 120Kg
  • Weight: 16Kg
  • Packaging Size: 70*42*63CM
  • Warranty: 1 Year

Assembly Instruction:

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