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Ofix Premium X27 Height Adjustable Backrest (Black, White+Salmon Pink, Blue)

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  • Ofix Premium X27 Double Back Office Chair
  • Height Adjustable Backrest
  • Materials
    • Headrest: Nylon
    • Backrest: Nylon
    • Armrest: PP Armrest
    • Seat: Styling Sponge
    • GasLift: 3-Stage Pneumatic Rod
    • Base: Aluminum (Salmon Pink) / Nylon Base (Black)
      • Diameter: 70CM
    • Wheels: Nylon Caster
      • Size: 69MM
  • Features
    • Double back Ergonomic Swivel Office Chair
    • Headrest: Adjustable Up to 7CM
    • Armrest: 3D (Up/Down, Front/Back, Swivel Left/Right)
    • Seat Height: 43-53CM
    • Lumbar Support: Adjustable
    • Adjustable Backrest
    • Reclined Length: up 110°
    • With Tilt Lock Mechanism
  • Weight Capacity: 180Kg
  • Weight: 18Kg
  • Packing Size: 68*48*63CM

Assembly Instruction:


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