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Ofix Jairo Solid Thailand Rubberwood Learning Desk Set (Desk & Chair Set)

P 5,989.00
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Product Details

Solid Thailand Rubberwood is a favored option for furniture due to its reliability and eco-friendliness. This wood, which belongs to the maple family, outperforms other pricey woods in terms of sturdiness, rigidity, and firmness, all at unbeatable prices. Moreover, Rubberwood presents itself as the perfect candidate for staining and finishing, making it adaptable to any desired color alterations.
  • Materials
    • Learning Desk: Rubber Wood
    • Chair: Rubber Wood/ Sponge Foam
  • Color: Wood
  • Dimension
    • Learning Desk: 80*60*75CM
    • Chair: 50*50*73CM
  • Weight
    • Learning Desk: 17Kg
    • Chair: 8Kg
  • Weight Capacity
    • Learning Desk: 80Kg
    • Chair: 100Kg
  • Packing Size
    • Learning Desk: 83*62*15CM
    • Chair: 75*51*11CM

Chair Assembly Instruction:

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