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OFX Jeriah Gaming Electric Height Adjustable Dual Motor Desk (140*60) (Black Fiber)

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Product Details
Brand: Standing Desk Philippines


Advanced Power Adjustable Height

  • This Table features a state-of-the-art microprocessor-controlled lift system that moves the desktop up and down quickly.. The Encore moves at a best-in-class 1.5 inches per second. Equally impressive is the fact that these advanced motors are seamlessly concealed inside the desk columns and out of sight. Simply press one of the soft touch buttons and watch your Ofix E-Desk glide smoothly from your typical office desk to a standing desk in seconds. Ofix E-Desk starts each movement slowly and gently glides to a stop when complete. No jerking. No jolting. You won’t have to pause what you’re doing or even worry about spilling your morning coffee.

Ofix E-Desk Adjustable Desks Lifting Columns

  • From the moment you touch the button, the Ofix E-Desk begins and ends each motion with an elegant glide. Even though each silky smooth transition appears effortless and controlled, height adjustments are done at an amazing 1.7 inches per second.
  • This breakthrough lifting speed is made possible by dual 18 volt DC motors and an advanced microprocessor controller. Both speed and proximity of each actuator are precisely measured and adjusted many times each second. The result is perfect harmony.
  • The figures speak for themselves. Ofix E-Desk is conservatively rated to lift 200 lbs. Ofix E-Desk features a reliable and proven chain drive system to transmit the power into motion.

Why Sitting is bad for you

Standing can make us smarter,

healthier and more productive!

Key Benefits

  • ENHANCED USER COMFORT. Height-adjustable tables minimize operator fatigue and discomfort by allowing users the freedom to sit or stand throughout the day.


  • Electric-Height Adjustable
  • Dual Motor
  • Table top: Waterproof MDF Sealed with Carbon Fiber textured ABS
  • Intelligent High Memory
  • Intelligent Sedentary Reminder
  • Materials: P2PB/ ABS/ Carbon Steel
  • Color: Black
  • Product Size: 140*66*72-123CM
  • Carton Size: 101.5*73.5*24.5
  • Weight Capacity: 100Kg
  • Net Weight:34Kg
  • Gross Weight: 40.8Kg

User Manual

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