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OFIX 3-Seater / 4-Seater PU Steel Airport Gang Chair- (Green, Black)

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Product Details

3-Seater Dimension

4-Seater Dimension


  • 3-Seater/ 4-Seater PU Steel Airport Gang Chair
  • General Use: Hospitals, Clinics, Hotel Waiting Area, Hotel Lobby, Community Center, Railway Station, Airport Rest Area, Business Office and Other Public Areas
  • Size
    • 3-Seater: 175*70*82CM
    • 4-Seater: 230*70*82
  • Materials
    • Armrest & Leg: 1.5MM Thickness with Thicken Paint
    • Seat & Back: 1.5MM Thickness Steel with Thicken Paint with PVC Foam Cushion
  • Weight
    • 3-Seater: 31Kg
    • 4-Seater: 41Kg
  • Weight Capacity: 150Kg/ Seat
  • Packing Size
    • 3-Seat: 170*53*18CM
    • 4-Seat: 225*53*18CM
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